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By iw2fvo
#37224 Good day Forum,
I did follow this forum an finally I have got my ESP working in a simple basic mode.
Now I would like to use the ESP to send some data relevant to my home status to a WEB page accessible from anywhere by mobile cellular phone oe a remote PC.
My data are generated by an MCU and are available in UART format with a standard setup: 9600 8 N 1.
I do plan to connect this UART output to the ESP UART input. My ESP is alredy connected to my home WIFI network.
I do not plan to use IOT or other servers but I would like my ESP to generate a very simple page (server ) updated every 5 or 10 secs with the incoming text.
Is this project feasible ?
How could I implement such a program ?
Any suggestion / direction is very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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By iw2fvo
#37237 Yes , I did start using the esp and I did try Basic.
I used LUA and AT also but at very low level.. I am not programmer so at the moment I do not have any preference.
I would like to start with this implementation.

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By heckler
#37244 Yes iw2fvo,

I believe what you are wanting to do is very feasible.
You should be able to have the ESP module receive data from your MCU and generate a webpage to display the values.

I would start by working through any of the examples over on and also looking through the various topics in this forum.

the trick is can you be clever enough to write the code to make it happen ?? :mrgreen:

Of course that is the key to writing any successful code project. :P

good luck