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By xtal
#37246 I think your Q was asked before , and was mentioned that you need to use the input cmd..
I'm not sure what if anything was recommended for output..
I thinking that the input cmd will pause and wait for input, but not sure...
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By Mmiscool
#37290 Some one else was doing the same thing over here..

Code used was as follows.

Note that the input command is blocking and the page will not load until a cr+lf is received.
Code: Select allcls
bla = 0
timer 5000 [update.Values]
wprint |<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5; url=./input" />|
wprint "<h1>Temperature = "
wprint htmlvar(bla)
wprint "</h1>"
input "in" bla
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By NeilCee88
#49422 Hi iw2fvo,
Just read your post, I tried something similar in the past and eventually opted for using Thingspeak to collect the data then script a simple webpage to collate the information and display it . The thingspeak API's are already configured for webpage insertion and there are plenty of examples on the internet.

Take a look at for some possiblities.
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By NeilCee88
#49467 Hi Mmiscool,
You're doing an awesome thing with bringing ESPBASIC to us,
keep up the good work,

Thank you from an old timer.