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By forlotto
#46102 I have decided to do a little video and show you all some of my projects for espbasic.

I hope you all enjoy this video and it that it motivates others to get out there and share more of their projects as well.

I will not be posting code or parts etc ... one of the devices is using older espbasic because it was needed and the code wouldn't work for current versions so don't want to cause confusion mainly this is the reason for not listing but it is essentially relays that make things work.

It may be hard to see the dimmer working on camera but it does work rather well I shared the full hardware of the dimmer before it was put into the box so you can check out that video if interested as well as the code.

You'll have to excuse the mess and dog barking etc... Have a lot of odd projects going on you can see 3 of the computer builds I have as a side job as well as possibly some other projects in the video either waiting on parts or an OK trying to get as much done as I can this weekend. Not to mention the need to do spring cleaning, painting etc around my door frames etc anyways if you can get past all of that you should enjoy the video.

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By forlotto
#46111 For those wondering it was MIT App Inventor that I used to make the android apps.

Essentially it is rather easy to do you point the buttons or selections to a web viewer on the page which gets the link that it is pointed to to preform the task.

So it would be http://IPofESP/whateverfollowstomakeithappen.

Just create the app in basic first click the buttons to turn the relay on or off then copy the links the android app is essentially used to get links nothing too difficult about it. For list viewer it is a bit more complex as shown in my power strip example but essentially it does the same thing requests a URL and on this you can actually see the page data as I used msgbranch to accomplish this.

Hope you enjoyed this I am interested in any feedback specifically projects of your own shared, maybe how you would do something differently or add something to what I have. I am constantly thinking of things to automate obviously that are not done cheaply and easily by store purchased devices sometimes not at all. Like the power strip there is no power strip that lets you control each outlet having 8 outlets something that I always wanted to save standby power and there is a savings believe it or not which is why I had it plugged into the meter it was plugged into as I ran some tests to see draw on standby vs totally off and it is watts of difference in my case.

Anything that saves you time or money essentially pays for itself.

Something that takes as little as 5 minutes per day adds up to 100 days of your life wasted completing that repetitive task keep this in mind you are buying part of your life back by not having to deal with repetitive tasks not to mention the energy savings possible with such devices.

Look forward to everyone else sharing what they have to some degree as well.

Take care and a big thx to the devs mmiscool and cicciocb !