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By Alessandro Mandelli
#87309 Hi. I'm new here. Hope this question is not obvious. I couldn't find any reference to similar problems.
I've got a program like this (it continues for some more rows)

Code: Select allwprint "<div class="cd-schedule loading">"
wprint "<div class="timeline">"
wprint "<ul>"
wprint "<li><span>00:00</span></li>"
wprint "<li><span>00:30</span></li>"
wprint "<li><span>01:00</span></li>"

In the debugger I see:


Basicly all tags are stripped and only text is left.
I tried Chrome and Edge browsers with the same results.
I tried wprint and html with same results.

I'm lost here. I've got a Wemos D1 mini v.2.2

Thanks for your help