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By Boxey
#64363 Timesetup (or time.setup) doesn't update the time for summertime/daylight saving

Using timesetup(0,1) or even timesetup(0,1,"") from the documentation has no effect on the time output (which shows one hour behind in the UK).

TimeZone.dat contents is: 0.00
DaylightSavings.dat contents is: 1.00
TimeServer.dat contents is: nan

Although it doesn't seem to be writing the TimeServer info correctly, even with manually changing the DaylightSavings to read 2.00 or 3.00 still has no effect on the time output :/
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By Mmiscool
#64501 It would seem I was using a value in steaad of a string for the time server variable internally to the eval of the time.setup() function. This should be corrected not. New build is being uploaded now.