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By heckler
#46080 Also while on the topic of NeoPixels... with all the new development of this great ESPbasic would it now (please-o-please) be possible to make the neopixel commands work with the ESP--01 module.

It would make the little -01 modules so much more useful to be able to control the neopixel strips.

Even implement Three separate statements for the -01 module

just for the ESP8266-01 module??

Thanks for all your efforts
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By cicciocb
#46084 Hi,
The code should work for next release.
Next release will permit to define the pin to use for the neopixel so you can use it with the ESP-01 (on GPIO2).

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By heckler
#46108 WOW! that is great news.
Thanks so much mike and cicciocb and other contributors!

You may now change the pin no for neo pixles. See the docs for the new function to change the pin that is used. -

I can not find any function that indicates how to change the pin for neopixel.
(my wife always tells me to look harder)

Is it possible that the docs link from your home page has not been updated??