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By Mmiscool
#49566 I don't mind implementing new features however i am unfamiliar with MQTT.

I would be interested in an example and possibly a library i could wrap in.

I found this.

Is there any one who has experience with mqtt who might suggest some command names and functions.

Would the esp be expected to listen on a particular port and react with some thing like the udp or msg branch or is it some thing like thing speak where you have to have the esp actively connect to an external server.

Is there a good simple getting started guide for mqtt that some one can point me to?

THis is a feature many people have requested but I need some information about exactly what needs to be implimented.
was very sparse on details about what is actually going on.
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By forlotto
#49568 ... .1-os.html

Gives you all of the commands in this reference starting at 3.1 ending at 3.14

Hope this helps.

I would really love to understand how one could actually benefit from such a thing as mqtt... Other than being lightweight I really don't see any true advantage from all I have read about it really considering basic can essentially be its own server more or less and sending stuff either remotely or locally is super easy to do as you pointed out a guy could have a folder full of batch files. Phone applications can be done in a jiffy as well with MIT App Inventor.

I guess I would like to see some good examples of MQTT and real world use that are truly advantageous for my own knowledge maybe there is some little something I am missing maybe even something big heck what do I know it is impossible to know everything but I would sure love the education on this one that would prove its worth.
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By kingedem
#49573 Just try looking at attached code here ..

In nutshell: Http request and response has bigger overhead (bandwidth) and latency as compares to MQTT messaging.

1. There is a Mosquitto ( runs on the server to which our esp8266 broadcast with unique "Topic" and "Message".
2. Any clients subscribed to the "topic" in that server will get the message instantly.

Its TCP socket connection and does not keep it live.
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