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By Munque
#82667 I've been working with Johnny-Five as way to get started working with and programming micro-controllers.
    Familiarity with JS over C/C++, Python, and NodeMCU
    The StandardFirmataWiFi + J5 makes it possible to control multiple controllers externally from a single central machine.

The benefits have been great.

    Limited support & community for J5
    Limited commands -- difficulty of finding JS equivalents to certain C/C++ commands

Is it possible to issue C/C+ (or even Python) commands from Johnny-Five? So in other words instead of the central machine issuing J5-only commands to the micro-controllers, you could, when necessary, send C/C++ command snippets. If so, that would make it easier to work directly with demo/community-shared code and make it easier for JS-fluent developers to transition toward C.