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By Erni
#30050 Just to save you some time and head scratching:

If you use the Espruino Web Ide, the baudrate is set to 9600 by default.
It should be changed to 115.200.

You do that in Settings->communication
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By Luciano Veronese
Erni wrote:I just used the official Espruino Web IDE.

I flashed the binaries to a ESP-01 and was up and running.
Here is my blink example:

Code: Select allvar GPIO2 = new Pin(2);
var toggle=1;

setInterval(function() {
  digitalWrite(GPIO2, toggle);
}, 500);

I also got the HTTP responder workin: ... 07-Samples

Hi, does it work also with NodeMCU v1 or v2 or v3 ?
What is the mapping about the names (GPIO vs PIN numbers) ?

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By MosabWadea
#30592 Hi there
I have flashed the esp8266 with the binaries posted here
Although it went fine and flashed correctly (I assume since no errors or anthing) I can't test the esp whether it is working or not! I have used the webide as well as the putty to connect and I don't get any response! I made sure that the br is 115200 and that I am powering the esp correctly..
I can see the TX LED in the FTDI chip is blinking but nothing at the RX. In face the LED blinks whenever I click a button while nothing appear on the terminal!
Please help!
Is there any specific pin configuration or any step that I should do before?
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By Erni
#30640 I read somewhere that you have to flash the two binary files one at a time. I don't know why, but it worked for me.

Also: after you have flashed the binaries, and you are uploading your javascript, the esp should not be in programming mode (GPIO 0 should not be held low)