Chat freely about the open source Javascript projects for ESP8266

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By forlotto
#32283 Nice share Neil gotta give you credit for going through great lengths and maintaining patience. Good Luck I'll have to give the java thing a run when my other esp8266's get here these things are cool when you start to understand a small bit about how they work.
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By kolban
#32284 @forlotto,
Thanks for the kind words.

Computing is all about reaching new goals and building on the work of others. Whether one is tinkering with the pixels in a new font, translating a pull-down menu into German or Chinese, or writing the most incredible application the world has yet seen ... we all build on those who have gone before us and hopefully provide for those who come next. A contribution by someone can be small ("Hey, you mis-spelled 'their'") or huge ("I re-implemented the function called 'arfleBarfleGloop()` and it now runs 5x quicker) ... but the ball is still being pushed forward.

A contribution can be finding a bug ... answering a question on a forum ... or even posting a question on a forum that causes someone to think and maybe find the answer that much sooner the next time.

We live in exciting times in computer land. I've seen computing available only to the very few to computing now available with x1000 more power at 1/1000 the price. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next 30 years.
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By Barnabybear
#32343 Hi, great video.
I note with interest that any favicon.ico is quickly filtered and suitably dealt with.
Is this a common problem? It’s of interest as I believe that a favicon.ico is causing my server to loop in a ‘while(!client.available())’ loop.
Post here.

& +1
A friend and myself wrote in basic (life was easy then, there were only 4 languages & nobody understood 3 of them) to play pontoon on a ZX81. We had to test each section (stored on tape) as we didn't have enough memory to run the whole. About a year later the 16k ram pack came out and we could finaly run the whole code, after you typed it in. Guess what it worked! After all that work we had about 5 games, then went out to play football with our friends. Where did 35 years go?