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By PhilTilson
#64975 Very strange - since the OP says that this:

Code: Select allprintln "Today," & desc & "," & icon & "," & temp & "," & press &"," & speed1 & "," & dir & "," & humid

works fine! :?

I'd still like to hear from him whether the points I raised previously have made any difference :(

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By lew247
#74644 Sorry, I've been ill and not online for a while
All ok again now and I'[m back working on the weather station
I'm using ESPbasic to collect and parse the data and send it to a Micromite to display the data
This is as far as I've got so far - using Openweather

Does anyone know if there is any way to prevent the ESP sending "not found" if any of the JSON(RET,values) aren't found?
I'd like to send put 00 to the micromite instead of "not found"