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By Firoj
#89134 I have been using FF happily the past countless years.

Now, I know ESP8266Basic edits are supposed to take some time loading after the spruced up interface, and I assumed I'd have to live with that.

The other day I accessed the interface from an Android running Boat browser, and I was stunned at how fast the menus worked, *including* 'Edit'. So, I just tried it again on IE (hadn't used it for years), and it was as fast as the Android.

I'm talking of a very significant speed difference between FF and IE; I don't have Chrome, and like Forlotto I'm reluctant to switch away from FF.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with FF? And a way to cure it? Incidentally, while testing I was running FF with all add-ons disabled. No difference to the speed.

So, is it just my environment? Or is FF inherently slow in servicing ESP8266Basic? If its the latter, I guess I'll run IE, or Chrome, specifically when working on ESP8266Basic.
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By Mmiscool
#89301 ESP8266 Basic was developed primarily targeting google chrome and webkit based browsers like most of the browser on android and iOS devices.

With Microsoft edge embracing the same engine I would expect compatibility on most computers today.