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By QuickFix
rpiloverbd wrote:Hello, this video may help you:

Thanks for the effort @rpiloverbd but the post was started by a spambot and is a direct copy of this old post (from 2016).
The only intention is to lure people into clicking the vague links in the post's signature. :idea:

I've already reported it. ;)
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By Sophia78
#96036 Hello Guys,
Use the built-in security features of the ESP8266: The ESP8266 has some built-in security features, such as support for secure Wi-Fi connections (using WPA/WPA2), and support for SSL/TLS encryption over the internet. Enabling these features can help protect your code and data from unauthorized access.[url=""][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]WhatsAppAero[/COLOR][/url]
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By nahihua535
#96133 Why do you want to do this? If it's because you don't want someone dumping the firmware, it's gonna be tough. The flash chip is typically external and has no protection measures.

If that's the reason, why do you not want people dumping the firmware? Perhaps there's another way to solve the thing you actually care about.