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By Mmiscool
#66445 You can download the firmware bin file and upload it with what ever flasher works.
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By PeterN
#66484 @MMISCOOL:
I took the 4M-binary and used it with ESPflashDownloadTool_v3.44.
- WEMOS D1 Mini that worked before with ESPBasic-flasher: OK again with this flasher
- WEMOS D1 Mini that did not work before with ESPBasic-flasher: NOT OK
- NODEMCU-Clone LOLIN V3 that did not work before with ESPBasic-flasher: NOT OK

Using the same flasher to flash AT-firmware to all three devices: OK!

I am not shure weather important:
WEMOS D1 MINI that works shows other Flash-vendor in flasher as the two devices that do not work propperly.

I am a little bit confused about that behavior.
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By PeterN
#66486 I GOT IT!!

I can now flash ALL mentioned different devices with success - but I am using an other flasher for this!
If Using NODEMCU FIRMWARE Programmer and ESPBasic-Binary there is no problem on all devices!!!

Who can explain this behavior??
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By forlotto
#67494 I can not explain this because I haven't had the problem I've flashed 20+ lolin v3 units the only one that had an issue flashing was one and that was do to a lack of solder on the esp chip. I had a similar experience I could flash everything except basic then after messing about nothing would flash and I found out the amount of solder they used caused bad coms due to the lack of it. So I got out the iron and went to town and that unit is still controlling my lighting as we speak. But now that I have basic I can just hit it with the OTA.

As far as the wemosD1 I cannot comment I have not owned this unit as I still have plenty of boards sitting around no need to purchase more at this time but I can verify lolin v3 does work just fine many times over. So unless maybe you have a different something on your lolinv3 than I do IDK what the issue is.

If you read my guide I also include the fact that there are times when you may experience some trouble and may need another firmware flasher so that is available as well... My issue at first oh back in the late 1.x 2.x alphas was clearing the wifi password. So I would flash it with int lua then flash it with float lua then clear everything in lua src diet then reflash basic and all was well it was my fool proof method. And in later versions I find that the format tool is inaccessible as well due to some runtime error. So like I say mainly a format issue for me with basic. But as of now wifi settings are not as persistant as they once were so when you change your password it actually changes without issue so I never have to format. Basic has come a long long way.