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By limbo
#67967 For what is worth I will post my experience here.
HYSIRY branded WEMOS D1 mini modules need to be selected as ESP8285 (not ESP8266) on ESP download tool in order to be flashed.

I had the same problem while flashing and tried several methods and firmware files to flash these modules but luckily trying ESP8285 tool ( the firmware flash on my first attempt successfully.

Just select ESP8285 from the start screen

and then set the path to your firmware, flash address (normally is 0x0), and COM port and baud rate (this should be up to 230400)

Hopefully some folks will be helped by this. :D
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By forlotto
#68012 Excellent yes that is great info thanks for sharing!
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By fototeddy
#72747 I have also an Hysiry ESP8266MOD and i can't not establish an connection with any esptool. I'm able to get a serial output and can see that the board boots and gives out some device information. When trying to flash or just read out things like flash id via esptool i just became an communication error and NOTHING else -.- has anybody some idea if there is a magic key?

I have connected all needs Pins to mit serial usb adapter, with that setup i'm able to flash any other esp module