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By Mmiscool
#56568 I just posted a new build with this feature enabled.

In your program use the following line of code to set the start up delay. The example below will set the delay to 10 seconds.
Code: Select allwrite("starttimer",10)

If you set it to 0 it will wait the full 30 30 normal start up delay.

The smallest number you may set it to is 1.

To detect if autorun is enabled use the following command.

if read("autorun") = "ON" then print "Autorun mode is turned on"

This setting could also be manged with the write() function too set a different value.
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By Electroguard
#56569 Excellent, thank you sir.

B.T.W. ardhuru, in case you didn't already know, even if autorun is selected you can still prevent the script from autorunning by pressing the gpio00 button after wifi connection but before autorun begins.
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By Electroguard
#56640 Mmiscool, any chance of a list of other SETTINGS variables which can be read() and especially written to using the WRITE() function?

I'll tell you for why... I've had huge frustrations with 'in-script' wifi settings actually changing the SETTINGS page variables such that I lose the wifi AP and am then unable to connect ever again to correct things.

The 'bad' settings can persist through V3 reflash, and the executable V3 Format still does not work, so inevitably I end up needing to do a V2 executable Format, a V2 Flash, then finally a V3 Flash.
And even then the 'bad' settings sometimes persist unless I've remembered to choose the 1Mb reflash option for my 4Mb ESP-12E, so I need to go through it all again using the 1Mb option, then after getting an AP back, redoing it all again with the 4Mb option. One learns to bite the bullet and do everything the long hard way, but just the once.

It's a time-consuming pain, but perhaps it might be avoidable if the script could automatically set a flag at bootup, which could be manually cleared after connection (using a browser page button), else it could be flagged up next time during a non-connected autorun boot to change the SETTINGS page wifi variables back to normal again ready for the next reboot. I hope that made some sense.
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By Mmiscool
#56653 Internaly to the interperter here is the list of itwms on the settings page.

Code: Select allString WebOut = String(AdminBarHTML) + String(SettingsPageHTML);
  String staName = LoadDataFromFile("WIFIname");
  String staPass = LoadDataFromFile("WIFIpass");
  String apName = LoadDataFromFile("APname");
  String apPass = LoadDataFromFile("APpass");
  String LoginKey = LoadDataFromFile("LoginKey");
  String ShowMenueBar = LoadDataFromFile("ShowMenueBar");
  String otaUrl = LoadDataFromFile("otaUrl");
  String autorun = LoadDataFromFile("autorun");
  String listenport = LoadDataFromFile("listenport");
  String wsport = LoadDataFromFile("wsport");
  String ipaddress = LoadDataFromFile("ipaddress");
  String subnetmask = LoadDataFromFile("subnetmask");
  String gateway = LoadDataFromFile(F("gateway"));

The name that apears in the load data from file bit is the name of the data eliment for the read/write functuons.