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By heckler
#65805 Hey group,

Has anyone been able to use the RX pin on an esp8266-01 module as an input??
I have found some references on the interwebs that indicate RX is also GPIO3.

I have tried to set an interrupt... "interrupt d3,[RxIn]"
but this does not seem to work.

any guidance is appreciated.
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By neuronesp
#65820 Greetings
Check out: ... magic.html

I have recently been playing with this. ATM I am using GPIO3 as an output as having it wired in theory to ground through a transistor does not send esp into flash mode.
Had probs with gpio 0 and 2.

The article speaks of pull up and pull down resistors.
I am waiting for my Xmas pressy from espbay.

I do hope that this will be of some assistance.
Soon I will bench up an input on gpio3 to test.
I let you know.
May the esp be with you.
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By heckler
#65873 Thanks for the reply Neuronesp,

I had seen that page you linked when I did a gooooogle search for something like "RX as output esp8266-01"

But I have yet to get anything to work using espBASIC.
I'll keep trying different things and report back here if I have any success.

If others have any idea whether RX (or TX for that matter) can be used for I/O pins please share :)

I wonder if it is a matter of figuring out how to reference the pin in espBASIC??
My research shows that RX is gpio-3 and TX is gpio-1.

Here is what I have for the esp-01 module...
I/O index GPIO
----------- --------
10.................1 TX
9...................3 RX