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By Alberto_2
#74550 I am getting the following error message : "Error in line 224: Comparison between string and number!"

But in line 224 I do compare a numerical variable "kkk" with a number. The strange thing is that the variable "kkk" is also compared in other part of the code without any error message. The error is detected inside button branch (gpio7) while the comparison inside onother branch (gpio3) do not report any error.

I did try to use "=" for number and "==" for strings but then I get dozzen errors and the code doesn't work anymore.
Did also try to set kkk =0 at the begining of the code to stress that kkk is numerical but not avail, I continue to get the error all the time I press the button to branch to gpio7.

The program seems to work without any apparent problem, appart the error message. Any suggestion?

Thank you.