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By Oldbod
#79970 Dear All

The forum seems to have gone very quiet lately. I know there could be many reasons for this, just wondering if underlying demand for esp8266basic is still strong or if perhaps products like the pi zero w have rather eroded the esp8266 foothold generally.

Any thoughts/comments from either new downloaders or established users very greatfully received - thanks very much
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By Luc Volders
#80007 I for one am still using ESP-Basic for some of my projects.
I really think it is a petty that it is not develloped and maintained further.
ESP-Basic is a great tool for rapid devellopment and I would love to have it seen
working on the ESP32.

As this is not the case I am more and more inclined to switch
to C (Arduino IDE) which I can use on the ESP8266 and ESP32.

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By Oldbod
#80032 Hi Luc

Thanks very much for making the time to reply. I thought I'd replied, but clearly didn't press the right key to send it.

I quite understand your point of view. It is sad that there's not the support there used to be, but I also know what a project like this takes to support, and my guess would be that Mmiscool would have spent virtually all of his ' not working for a living ' time on it. Trying to maintain something like this would be hard enough in a commercial environment , let alone even with the many layers with very varying reliability and documentation to build on. And almost everything is still getting upgrades and bugfixes and by its largely open, user supported nature these have a potential impact and need time to test every time something changes. Just a huge huge task.

I think he had pass at getting it running on esp32, with encouraging results. I too like the idea, and suspect it would have gone further if the problem with the recent releases hadn't arisen and sucked up all his time.

Moving to c++ is quite a change. I'm sorry I know you've been active on the forum for a long time, but I can't remember what sort of things you've been developing. It gives you much more control and the ability to build far more compact programs - the control structure will be a lot faster too. I don't speak any form of c, but it's very popular and flexible. but the way espbasic insulates you from c++ is a huge achievement... I'm hoping to have a bit of time to spare in a month or two (keep saying that) and want to see if I might be able to help find the current issue. Fresh eyes, not seeing what I know is there, that sort of thing. Hopefully I'll pick up a bit of c++ on the way.

Good luck with whichever way you go and thanks again for replying!
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By heckler
#80232 I am still using espbasic!
I have one project that has been running very solid for over a year without any problems.

The OS is a bit buggy to develop on and there are some random crashes due to ??

But once you get your code developed there is a high likelyhood that it will work without any problems after deployed.

What are you working on Oldbod??