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By davidbrok5
#88964 Dear All

The forum seems to have gone very quiet lately. I know there could be many reasons for this, just wondering if underlying demand for esp8266basic is still strong or if perhaps products like the pi zero w have rather eroded the esp8266 foothold generally.

Any thoughts/comments from either new downloaders or established users very greatfully received - thanks very much
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By Luc Volders
#89001 I have been using ESP Basic for a loooooong time. I build a lot of projects with it and some have been continuous running for several years now.
Unfortunately ESP basic is no longer updated and maintained. An ESP32 version is not available.
That made me take the obvious step: I switched over to Arduino language. Loads of libraries and regular updates. Next to that available for both ESP8266 and ESP32.

And yes: it has been generally quiet here overall on the forum. I wonder why. In these days of Corona and lock downs I would have expected tons of projects emerging. But no.....

Raspberry Pi is no option as a replacement. Even the Pi-Zero is more expensive as it needs at least an SD card to get it working. And there are less libraries available for the sensors. The Raspberry is more a programming platform as the ESP series are more an IOT platform.