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Unable to connect to editor page

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2022 3:59 pm
by riteman2

I have flashed the basic interpreter and now try to access the editor.
I kept the flash software window open while doing so:

Whenever I try to access the editor page it seems that the software crashes and reboots - I see counts till 12 and then messages that it cannot connect to my wifi and thus creating an access point.

Failed Wifi Connect
Creating WIFI access point
��HTTP Port: 80
ESP Basic 3.0.Alpha 69
MAC: 86:F3:EB:1A:2E:4A
(This is a dump using a terminal in Chrome)
I am usng an ESP-12F ie 4 MB flash.
Also when I connect to that access point, the computer immediately switches back to my own wifi box - the only way to stop that is to let it forget that network??