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By Mmiscool
#32534 There are 2 models of the esp-01.

The blue boards have a 512k flash while the black ones have 1mb of flash.

Recent changes have made the binary to big for the 512k modules.
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By rich
#32561 All OK, found the IP address on the serial port at 9600!

Ignore the rest of this post!

OK so now I have an ESP-12 and once I ditched the 3.3V vcc from the USB Serial and used a proper PSU, I am getting the Basic IDE page up!

Next question, to set the ESP8266 to Station mode instead of AP mode, I just fill out the SSID and password, Save and Update and re-power?

I am still seeing it as an AP device.

Anything else I need to do to get Station mode working?