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By dhouston
Mmiscool wrote:So long as the power is 3.3 v the and there is a common ground for the 5v signals from the serial adapter it should work perfectly. The esp can't be powered off of 5v but can use 5v signals such as serial and sensors.

Sorry to resurrect a year old topic but I just got here. Are you saying the 3V3 powered ESP8266 is 5V tolerant?
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By ardhuru
#61103 Hi Dave, long time!

Yes, that's correct. Haven't yet damaged an ESP by connecting it directly to the Tx, Rx pins on a USB to serial board.


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By dhouston
#61105 Anand,

Thanks. I also found where the Espressif CEO confirmed this.

I have a project where I want to interface a WeMos D1 mini with a 5V serial device.

Dave Houston