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By Mmiscool
#31352 The timer branch will run perioticaly. The interperter will run as usual up untill the wait command. Onece at the wait command the timer has a chance to exicute its code if the time from the last exicution has elapesed. This is why the branch it exicutes ends with a wait. You will only be able to see a web page returned when the wait commad is active.

Hopefully this explains whats going on.
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#31434 Pretty amazing what a few lines of code will do. What i want it to do is refresh the page every time my pic sends out the data probaly every second or so. All I want on the page is a Heading in larger Font"Temperature" and then right beside it have the actual reading. Is there any way to suppress the lines and the "ESP Basic Interpreter" text on the page.
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By Mmiscool
#31437 To get rid of the esp8266 basic interperter msg all you have to do is use the cls command.

This will empty the html buffer.

I personaly would not make the page update too much too quickly as you may run in to problems.

As to the size of text you can use normal html tags to controll the font.
Wprint "<h1>Tempature"
Wprint your temp data
Wprint "</h1>"