Please read the contest rules prior to voting.

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By SO_yeah
#42238 could you add a specification on "intellectual property" for non-open source/design projects to the rules?!
Something like "espressif and won't be using the idea for promoting their stuff without aknowledging the submitting individual with the right to deny" stuff like that... I mean... does it make sense!?
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By RichardS
#42241 If you have unprotected IP then I suggest not to post it here or anywhere.

The intent is not to copy peoples work without permission, however if you have unprotected IP I suggest you not post it. Us putting in such a clause does not protect you from the 1000's of visitors daily, those are the people I would be worrying about.

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By onehorse
#42253 Is there a way to get confirmation of a submission? I sent mine in last night but haven't heard any acknowledgement. I know you must be busy!

Also,I don't see any of the submissions yet. When do you suppose we might start to see them appear? Thanks.
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By Nic Roche
#42258 Hi Richard,

Its going to be really tight getting everything together.

Is that deadline March 13 midnight? What timezone?

It may seem pedantic but every hour will count (and I'm in Australia).