Please read the contest rules prior to voting.

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By shoelessone
#42274 This may be a silly question, but I just finished up a project (my first!) a bit after Christmas - I'm guessing that this would not qualify for this contest? I'm assuming that the idea behind this contest is that it's a project that you start and finish within the time the contest is running (in other words, you started sometime in February or March and finish by the 13th?)?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, and also, thanks for making this!
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By martinayotte
#42276 I don't think so, you can submit any projects already done if it use an ESP8266, but I will let Richard details the rules.
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By wickwire
#42367 Considering that 25 projects alone were submitted in the first day or so, if we are to assume that perhaps the total project count is in 100s/200s or more, why not have the sponsor - or a sponsor appointed, independent party - do a triage over all the submitted projects and then publish only the top... 20 projects for community voting and all the remaining ones still available to the community but not with voting option?

The reason I state this is because as it stands, there will have to be of course an ordered list to the submitted projects on the forums and if there's hundreds of them, either:

a) voters won't dedicate enough time to each one in order to "view" them all and then vote
b) only the first visible projects in the list will get the most votes, just because voters won't endure going through each one in detail

From the sponsor's perspective, which is to see how their product is being used and mostly draw from the submitted ideas, it is covered because they'll have access to all the projects in any case;

From the project owners perspective, if selected then all of those stand a better chance of being viewed in more detail by the community and questioned;

From the community perspective, since all projects are visible anyways (either with voting option or not) it's also a win;

Just a suggestion on this topic ;)
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By woodat
#42391 Will you be posting the entrants before the 13th or will they all be posted after the closure date?

(Curious as ever about what other projects there are out there ;) )