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By sixbacon
#42414 Any guidance on format of the information? I am working on a word document at the moment. I want to make it easy for you to load it up.

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By RichardS
#42425 Entries have slowed, so should be OK, we are trying to get it up so that they are shown randomly....

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By svkatielee
#42548 Richard,
I too would welcome more hints as to desired format.
What do you prefer,
plain text email with photos, files as attachments, or
word doc or RTF text with separate photos , files all attached, or
word doc with photos embedded, or
formatted HTML and photos all attached to email with just my name?

Also, you said one link, my code is in github and project is on my blog, does that count as two?

This is my first contest. I'm having trouble guessing.

Larry - svkatielee
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By A_D
#42614 Good day!
How reward will be paid to winner? Could it be a transaction via paypal?