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By RichardS
#42181 So all good questions, yes 2 weeks is short, been advertising it was coming for over a month however, already 25 application in 2 days, so short is better or we are going to have 100's!

See attached banner that was on site over 4 weeks and also some tweets.... :-)

It can be in any state, just need to provide the material outlined in RULES and it will be posted.

Admin is posting the projects, if we allowed users to do it there could be issues, so it was best to allow Admin to do it.... (me)

The projects should appear once posted here:

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By Alvaro Lopes
marklein wrote:I tend to agree. However I've entered design contests in other disciplines and my experience says that the winners will be projects that have been under development for much longer than a month anyway.

My projects with ESP8266 are more than one year old. That includes my flagship one.

Problem is you really need time to set up all the "marketing" stuff. That means usage examples, videos, photos, so on, so that everyone understands what it does, what its complexity is, what the future holds for your project.

That takes time.

I may be lucky enough to participate, but lucky. If this was posted 2 weeks ago I had no chance at all to gather all "marketing" stuff, also because I don't have the boards with me.

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By gargo
#42184 as I understand Wemos D1 R1 is supported, isn't it?
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By RichardS
#42185 We may do this again in 6 months, so....

Hard to pick timing that will work with everyone however, its hard enough just trying to pick a time for a family reunion this summer! :lol: not 16,000 users!