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By EveningStarNM
rudy wrote:
EveningStarNM wrote:I'm looking for a complete list of public functions, classes, constants, etc. to use as a reference for programming the ESP8266 using the Arduino IDE. Is such documentation available?

There is no complete documentation package. Lots is available but if you want everything then you need to look at the code. And that does change in time.

Microsoft Windows changes with time, too, but they publish a detailed and complete API reference for developers. Intel's chips change all the time, too, but I guarantee that when a new one goes out the door, developer libraries are completely documented. Besides, some of Espressif's libraries are closed source. I don't think they would be happy if we decompiled them.
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By philbowles
#67866 Yes and Windows costs you a ton of money is full of bugs and security holes. Its also run by a profit-making organisation.

Arduino community is run mainly by volunteers, as is the ESP8266 / Arduino community.

Perhaps best not too smart and idea to **** off people who offer their help for free before having a whinge and a moan, eh? If it's Espressif you are complaining about, then why not do it on THEIR forum?
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By flagtrax
#73518 I feel your pain. I've been a noob for too long because for me to understand a particular function that I have not yet experienced, I need some guidance. In this particular case I can say I don't know enough about building a server to understand what the code is doing or why. I've created simple servers using and modifying sample code, but have yet to succeed using spiffs. (Particularly images). Those with the higher levels of experience do a tremendous job passing as much along as they can but their time is limited too. I'd hoped when I first discovered the 8266 that I'd be that knowledgeable enough one day to pass something on but I don't think I'll live that long :lol: . Seems like I'm always many steps behind..