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By rudy
EveningStarNM wrote:
rudy wrote:
EveningStarNM wrote:I'm looking for a complete list of public functions, classes, constants, etc. to use as a reference for programming the ESP8266 using the Arduino IDE. Is such documentation available?

There is no complete documentation package. Lots is available but if you want everything then you need to look at the code. And that does change in time.

Microsoft Windows changes with time, too, but they publish a detailed and complete API reference for developers. Intel's chips change all the time, too, but I guarantee that when a new one goes out the door, developer libraries are completely documented. Besides, some of Espressif's libraries are closed source. I don't think they would be happy if we decompiled them.

You will not be getting what you wish from the Arduino/ESP8266. Go find a different platform where you will be provided the support you need. But expect to pay for it.
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By mrburnette
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By rudy
EveningStarNM wrote:
martinayotte wrote:Did you looked at the following links ?

Yes, I've been all over it. I'm hoping to find for more than sample code and a beginner's guide.

He is not looking for documentation, there is lots of that. What he wants is easy examples.

EveningStarNM wrote:Besides, some of Espressif's libraries are closed source. I don't think they would be happy if we decompiled them.

If you are squawking at having to read the the code to understand the Arduino code I seriously doubt that you would know what to do with decompiled code.

It is what it is. For the price, your complaints are hardly justified.
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By EveningStarNM
mrburnette wrote:
... and my favorite: ESP8266-Arduino class reference


THANK YOU, MRBURNETTE! I hadn't seen that class reference link anywhere, and nothing I could produce with doxygen came out so well. I'm very grateful for that link. I'm just lucky that my grandkids won't be coming over and my significant other is out of town -- and that it's Saturday. I can spend all day on that page and have a good excuse for not finishing the "Honey Do" list she gave me. (You don't think I'll get in trouble, do you?)