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By mark137
#79930 Hi all,

I recently started developing with ESP8285 so please forgive me if posting in the wrong area of the forum or asking something which may be obvious for you.

I bought some ESP8285 modules from Aliexpress, those you can see here (from another seller): ... 12758.html

and named "ESP-Mx DevKit"

They work without any problem and was able to upload programs from Arduino IDE which just run fine.

Anyhow until I tried simple sketches/programs I didn't realize this ESP clone has a different number of pins with respect to NodeMCU devboard (12 per side instead of 15).

I already googled everything it came to my mind to find the pinout of such module but without success, it seems the only pinout available on the internet is for "standard" NodeMCU devkit. Moreover (please see pictures in the above example) pin naming is very unclear to me and can't understand where is for example I2C, serial clock, MISO, MOSI and so on

Anybody knows where to get pinout for this ESP devkit?

Thank you very much
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By rudy
mark137 wrote:where is for example I2C

I2C is implemented in software. GPIO4 and GPIO5 are commonly used and I think that is the default. (should check)

see ... re-library

I use GPIO0 and GPIO2 since I2C does not interfere with the boot requirements of those pins.
I use a certain I2C library and to initialize it I use
Code: Select all  lcd.begin(0,2);      // 0-SDA, 2-SCL

And for the Arduino Wire library for the ESP8266
Code: Select allWire.begin(0, 2)

from ... ire/Wire.h
Code: Select all  void begin(int sda, int scl);