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Which module form factor do you prefer?

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By gbit
#1762 Don't know about the original designer. But the very approximate Google translation tells a bit about each...
Although I've seen ESP-01 used most places and in this forum, the ESP-04 looks a bit more promising in terms of availability of I/O etc. Has anyone played with these?
[edit: I meant ESP-03, which has the built-in ceramic antenna;
I'll guess the shielded versions are meant/required for FCC approval, if one puts these in an actual product without appropriate extra shielding??]

Shun Technology ESP8266 can
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Sections of Module Selection Guide
Price: All prices in modules 12.5-15 between 10-15% lower prices every quarter
Shielded shell which can be over FCC CE certification, export guarantee

Each have their own characteristics:
1 ESP-01 PCB antenna, after matching to do about the open 400 meters from the simple to use
2 ESP-02 SMD package suitable size limit, the antenna can be drawn with the IPX header casing
3 ESP- 03 SMD package, built-in ceramic antenna technology. All available IO leads
4 ESP-04 SMD package, customers can customize the antenna type, flexible design all available IO leads
5 ESP-05 SMD package, only leads to serial and RST pin, small external antenna.
6 ESP-06 bottom mount technology, leads all the IO ports with metal shielding can be identified through the FCC CE certified recommended
7 ESP-07 semi-hole chip technology, leads all the IO ports, with a metal shield, can be over FCC CE Certification IPX external antenna, built-in ceramic antenna can also be used.
8 ESP-08 with ESP-07, except that the antenna is in the form of customers can define their own
9 ESP-09 Ultra-Small footprint, only 10 * 10 mm, four board process! 1M bytes of FLASH impedance matching through the bottom mount technology for strict limits on the volume of products!
10 ESP-10 patch interface, narrow-body design, 10 mm wide. Suitable for light with controller
11 ESP-11 patch interface, ceramic antenna, small size.

ESP-01 ESP-02 ESP-03 ESP-04 ESP-05 would like to know more, Mengchuo below! ! !
ESP8266 Series Module Selection.pdf
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By longinus
gbit wrote:Although I've seen ESP-01 used most places and in this forum, the ESP-04 looks a bit more promising in terms of availability of I/O etc. Has anyone played with these?[edit: I meant ESP-03, which has the built-in ceramic antenna

ElectroDragon has both ESP-03 and ESP-04 now..
I've ordered some ESP-03 a week ago; still waiting on them... they definitely look interesting! I should start making an eagle part for it...
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By tinhead
#1768 that's the problem (at least for me), none of them have tout, gpio4 and gpio5 routed, some of them have still (and there was enought time to change that sh*t) gpio16 and reset connected together (as once shon on very old datasheet). The only module i know with tout pin routed is that Dooao DWA8:

one can see on pictures that gpio4 and gpio5 are not routed (oh well, no gpio4 and gpio5 names on module pinout) but then when one exactly check pictures of bottom side of the produced pcb, then it's clear that gpio4 an gpio5 are routed up to pad, and there is aother pad routed from each of the module NC pins. So simple 0% resistor between pads and both gpio4 and gpio5 can be used. These modules are not that cheap, but i like how the pcb antenna has been made, one can easily cut that sh*t (when size of pcb important) and use than external antenna connector.
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