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By Koelie2
mikronauts wrote:I am surprised that no one noticed that the "rainsun" ESP board (far right, first pic in first post) is defective, and cannot work.

The flash chip is incorrectly installed, off by one pin.

it happened while desoldering the shield and I was to lazy to put it back :')
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By louisd
#22738 Hello,

I recently bought a esp8266 12e, with printings on it (AI-Cloud inside) that categorizes it as "fake" according to the descrption of the first message of this thread. And when I hooked it up to my computer, the only things that is sent back via serial is "NON GENUINE DEVICE FOUND!" that appears a few times when I power it up, and then each time I send a command, it just keeps printing the same sentence again and again while the blue led is blinking, only printing the number of letter I sent in the command (if I send "AT" it'll print NO, then if I send "AT" again, it will send "N ", and if I send rubbish like "ATTTTTT" it will just answer by "GENUINE", etc etc....).

Does anyone had the same issue? May it be realted to those "fake" chips?
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By lethe
#22742 First of all: calling the ESP-12e a "scam" seems to be one guy's oppinion, based on the marketing claims & difference (or lack thereof) compared to ESP-12 modules. So far I have not seen any credible reports that there are fake ESP8266EX chips being sold.
Also: why would a fake device announce itself as fake in such a way?! That would kind of defeat the point of producing fakes...
It is more likely that this message is produced by the FTDI driver in response to a knock-off FTDI USB to serial chip (google ftdi-gate).