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By kenn
Koelie2 wrote:
kenn wrote:Define 'fake'... do they work? is the schematic (not just the layout) actually different?

yes they work

This product misses components in comparison with the 'real' esp-12E ( so cheaper) and is less stable then the original product. there have been reports these 'fake' versions also ship with 4Mbit flash instead of 32Mbit.

I imagine it's still a legit Espressif ESP8266EX onboard.

Any links to reports of inferior performance of these 'different' ESP-12Es?

Frankly, I'm more concerned about a report that many of the shipped units [ESPs in general] have weak flash (fail after 50 or so)
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By Koelie2
kenn wrote: I imagine it's still a legit Espressif ESP8266EX onboard.

as far as i can check the espressif chip is real. i dont have an X-ray or expensive microscope to check this. i dont think there will be a counterfeit version of that chip. it is already super cheap. (although there is a fake version of the NRF modules :') )

thanks for the link ill have a look. I haven't experienced any problems. but will deff test them later this week.

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By kenn
mikronauts wrote:I am surprised that no one noticed that the "rainsun" ESP board (far right, first pic in first post) is defective, and cannot work.

The flash chip is incorrectly installed, off by one pin.

Oh sure, it would still work, but the all the addresses would be shifted. :mrgreen: