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By shekel
#3103 ::edit::
corrected pinout in the photograph

==update ==

hi, we bought a few units of the ESP-11 module for our hackerspace

we used ESP-01 with success, but this one is hard to find info on.

usually the pinout attached to this module (even in that chinese PDF) is misleading.
i found the following pinout on the fypshop site
and that is the only one i could find...



better connection using a "SO-16 1.27mm" breakout board

current status
based on above pinout
*connected to a FTDI breakout set to 3V3 on VCC
*CH_EN pulled to 3V3/VDD.
* baud rate at 9600
Code: Select all$AT+GMR
[ Version:]

flashing firmware
GPIO_00 to ground
reset power to module
Code: Select all$ python --port COM6 write_flash 0x00000 "..\ESP8266_AT_V00180902_02_baudrate watchdog added\v0.9.2.2 AT Firmware.bin"
Erasing flash...
Writing at 0x0007ec00... (100 %)


reset module and connect with 9600 baud rate

i had a problem of bad connection on the RX pin, this 2mm headers are a pain. img
i deleted later posts with my rambling, mirror info on our hackerspace wiki
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By martinayotte
#3106 Did you tried with all pins pulled-up to VCC (like some people suggested in the case of ESP-01) ?
Also, maybe there is no AT example in it, so, have you tried uploading firmware while GPIO pulled-down to GND ?