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By cnlohr
#4127 I finally got around to a video guide on how to make your own programs on the ESP8266. Kinda a jumpstart guide. I haven't made it public, and if anyone sees any glaring problems with it, please give me a heads up. If no one sees any glaring issues, I'll probably post later tonight. Additionally, I will use this thread post to clarify any issues and hopefully use it for support.

Making your own progams for the ESP8266
You guys are awesome!

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By frasenci
#4145 Very interesting , thank you

now , this solves the problem of building the "environment" and running what there is in it.
I will folow this instructions in my Linux Virtual VMWare
( for x time.... )

Question :

Whats next ?

How to you actually change something as in ," creating your own version of firmware...."

It would be interested from an amateur's point of view.

Im totally biased to LUA - Firmware for now. Easy as 1,2,3

Thank you again