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By dhavan mehta
#64513 Hello,Recently I connected my esp8266-01 with my arduino and started communicating with it.During that time I changed baud rate from 110000 to 9600.After that also esp was responding but after sometime I remove power supply and shutdown my work.After that while I connect back blue led on esp was constantly on and also stopped to responding AT commands..Can anyone suggest me what should I do to get rid out from it?
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By Nikhil Rath
Andoniaina wrote:Hello,

I posted comments on the live chat but no one there.
Hence, I post the description of my pblem here.

Thank you in advance for helping me.

Here it is :

I'm trying to command a servo using the esp12-e. For this I use a level converter 3,3V <=> 5V to command the servo from the pin 5 of the ESP8266.
I use also the pin 14 to light a led after the servo has finished rotating.

The sketch uploaded from the arduino IDE worked perfectly until I brought the mechanism to my door downstairs and arriving there, the blud led on the chip is ALWAYS on.

I did nothing except the led dropped down along the way.

So when I reseted the mechanism using RST ==> GND, the blue led went ON until now. I tried to reset again but as soon as the reset is done, here we go, the blue led goes ON !

I tried the many boot mode (CH_PD and GPIO02 down whereas GPIO15 up) but nothing !!!
The blue led goes ON ON and ON

Can you help me please ? I get foolish.

Thank you.


For me, I noticed this strange behaviour and realized this happens if I use D4 as a GPIO.
I had simply added a line of code-->
And it always caused the led to be on.