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By Ravi S Kashi
#79295 Hi Cicero,

Without your changes "forcing rf_cal to sane values in the code" I was getting the rf_cal[0]!=0x05 error.
After your changes, I kinda get started - but the moment there is anything to do with the WiFi, the device crashes out. Which tells me the defaults you have given don't work for me.

Has there been a proper fix for this? or what am I missing?

I was away from ESP development for a long time and my code/environment would not work due to "msys-xxxx.dll" in MinGW installation. So I upgrated to UDK from CHERTS v2.2.2 (23.04.2017)

I am using the ESP-01 module with BQ25Q80ASSIG (Berg Micro 8Mb as per )