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By Iris Lau
#84533 Could I use the NEO-6M GY-GPS6MV2 GPS module to send location data to ESP8266?
I have the esp8266 chip and the NEO6M GPS module, and I want to use the NEO6M GPS module to send location data to the ESP8266. I found some tutorials on Google, but all of them used a NodeMCU, which we don't have. Is it possible to connect ESP8266 and the NEO6M directly without using a NodeMCU Development Board in order to get the location data from the ESP8266? Or do I have to use a NodeMCU Development board?

Here is what I have
and some wires
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By QuickFix
Iris Lau wrote:Here is what I have
<Image of an Adafruit HUZZAH>

That's the HUZZAH, Adafruit's attempt at a NodeMCU-like board (indeed not 1:1 compatible, but they match in functionality) and is also just a development board.

A plain ESP8266 (ESP-12) module looks like this:Image

The NEO-6M GPS modules use UART levels at 3.3V, so you can connect it directly to the UART (only GPS-TX to ESP-RX is actually needed) of the ESP8266.

If you don't need many extra IO's (apart from the RX) of the ESP, you could even use an ESP-01 to connect the GPS module to:Image
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By picstart1
#84544 Some GPS modules can be polled and will immediately supply data. Many others just send sentences every second. If you can't poll the GPS then the esp8266 must be able to accept the data at the time it is sent since it has limited buffers on the uart. Often the solution is to have a large program buffer that is fed from a esp8266 ISR based on data received interrupt. Your code looks at the program buffer when it is ready and before it overflows.