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By Sirquil
#86193 Found a skill that makes connecting ESP32 and ESP8266 an easier task. You need four things: Amazon Alexa device, Sinric Pro Skill (Free), ESP32 or ESP8266, and one of the devices supported by Sinric Pro Skill. I am using an ESP9266 with a contact sensor. Works perfectly with Alexa!

Library for ESP32 and ESP8266:

Library examples:

Sinric Pro website:

Amazon Sinric Pro Skill :

Best Regards,
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By xires
#86693 Hi Wiliam

I don't get my Sinric Pro to work. Maybe you can help me a little bit out? :)
I Try to control a normal RGB Light.

How exactly do I have to define my Pins? (R,G,B)
My programming skills aren't that good. So i tried this:

int g = 12;
int r = 14;
int b = 13;

.. i Don't think it works this way?.. Maybe you can post an Example Code?

Thank you, xires
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By Sirquil
#86701 xires,

"Sinric Pro" Github repository gives two examples for light type devices: esp8266-esp32-sdk/examples/Light/

I have no experience working with RGB lights. Take a look at the examples; especially the second example:
"Light_FastLED_WS2812.ino." My apologies for not being more helpful.