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By Sam12589
#91052 I have project in which i take input from my arduino Due. i scan a Rfid card and if the card is correct it lights up the LED.
I want to add a condition when the card is correct i send a telegram msg that led is on.
and if not correct the message is Wrong card.

i have a telegram bot for this setup.
how do i tell the arduino to send a message through ESP8266-01?

i was using bot.sendmessage command.
the project can be found on arduino project hub by "telegram and ESP8266"
i want to add it in the if loop.
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By QuickFix
#91066 Wouldn't it be much easier to drop the DUE and let the (or better: another type of) ESP do all the work? :idea:

For a quick start: get yourself a NodeMCU development board, install the ESP8266 Arduino core and rewrite your code a bit so it can be used on an ESP8266 instead. 8-)