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By whoknows
#49435 Hi there,

does anybody knows more abou this here ? : ... -201453eu/

wanted to start working on a project with the possibility for a commercial product ...but now im a bid confused if this would be a good idea ?

As far as i know the big issue here is that you can change the firmware ?!

Would be great if somebody did understand and/or has more information about this issue ?

Thanx for all kind of comments/discussions ?!

BEst Paul
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By george2209
#64001 Hi Paul,

This is one of the issues.
Not give to the user the posibility to update the firmware by himself, but I assume at the end they will allow to update the firmware over the air like today the mobile phones.

However, this is one of the need to comply with some other standards in regards to the power of the signal, the radio spectrum and influence...aso...

I am also wondering wether ESP will issue any such oficial letter in regards to its products.
Otherwise we may be not allowed to import them into EU even as a prive person.