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By Trax
#39922 Ok, could someone explain to me how to use it? What do i need to change in the radius server and what data do I need to put into the sketch?
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By ketan
cwhummel wrote:is it possible to connect to a WPA2 enterprise account?

I'd like to work on my esp at work in my downtime, but the only wifi I can use is wpa2 enterprise, requiring username as well as ssid and password,

Ia it working now?...If yes, Guide me

Thank you
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By ephimee
#49699 I'm trying to connect to WPA2 enterprise with the following code:
Code: Select allconst char* ssid2     = "wifi1";
const char* password2 = "7Gh^gdg";
const char* username2 = "ephimee";   
const int user2len = 28;
const int waittime = 10000;

wifi_station_set_username((unsigned char *)username2,user2len);
WiFi.begin(ssid2, password2);
while (c<waittime) {
            if (WiFi.status() == WL_CONNECTED) {

But it's not connecting. Am I doing something wrong?