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By hackrid
#7676 Hi,

I recently installed "AirAudio" on my android and really enjoy streaming audio via AirPlay to the raspberry pi.

Some streaming formats (DLNA/UPNP) let you chose a audio encoding. eg PCM / WAV which might be possibly handled by an esp8266.
having the esp8266 receive and output audio would be really great! possibly an external DAC is required, but this only adds cents to the wireless audio incarnation.

Do you know of any DLNA/UPNP implementation that might fit into the esp8266 RAM?
Do you think it's possible to output a continous datastream to the DAC? I'm not aware of any DMA on the esp8266 so every wifi receive event might interrupt the output of DAC samples.

Best regards
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By frob
#7894 +1
The ESP8266 has an I2S interface which typically has decent fifo's and DMA support in most other implementations i've seen, so hooking up an external audio codec is trivial.
I'm waiting for Espressif to release documentation / API / examples for the I2S port so i can do this as well.
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By martinayotte
#15235 There is the MAX5316 which is a fast 16 bits DAC over SPI, but you will need 2 chips to make it stereo.
There is the AD5689 which is stereo and small TSSOP16 footprint.
The AD1954 seems really for Audio : 3 outputs, Left+Right+SubWoofer, (but I think SPI is only for control, but maybe audio serial can still be connected with SPI).