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By cptung
#64140 It occurred to me that the SSID broadcast packet itself contains a timestamp. So in theory, it should be possible to parse the SSID packet and extract the timestamp to set the local clock. I'm interested in figuring out how to do this, so I could build a clock that can self-set the time using WiFi, without the need to actually connect to the AP. Imagine having this embedded in all home appliances, so they can self-set their clocks, without requiring the owner to supply WiFi credentials... seems like a game changer to me?

I tried to search the forums, but couldn't get the search tool to work.
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By philbowles
htwtsang wrote:Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I'm trying several methods in retrieving timestamps and this seems the most enticing.

I think this is the same technique that "ESPNow" uses - might be worth looking "under the hood" of that functionality
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By schufti
#71737 I would not rely on this "timestamp" as being something related to utc or local time ...
it is more like something to synchronise all associated stations.
1. Timestamp (8 byte):
A value representing the time on the access point, which is the number of microseconds the AP has been active.When timestamp reach its max (2^64 microsecond or ~580,000 years) it will reset to 0. This field contain in Beacon Frame & Probe Response frame.