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By limbo
#8454 I received a couple of ESP8266 boards few days ago.

Messing around with the supported AT commands I found that the board supports an update command through its wireless network connection
Code: Select allAT+CIUPDATE

So after the command to connect the board to my wireless network I decided to check if the board can go online and check for update. However following the procedure the board responded
Code: Select all+CIPUPDATE:1

and after that started to display continuously gibberish serial messages.
I left it this way for several minutes and nothing was changed so I tried to reset it by using the hardware reset pin. Nothing happened.
I tried to power down the board and re apply power and the board still starts to send eternal gibberish text.

Every time I power up the board the serial LED is blinking continuously and the serial monitoring window display those text messages.

Does anyone know any way to reset the board to its initial state by hardware means?
Sending AT commands to the board at this stage it seems to be out of question.
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By Athena
#9014 That's a very long story....

Because Espressif AT was open source before..

So many developer developed AT software based on Espressif Official AT and set a different configuration ..

But they didn't change the function "AT+CIUPDATE" , so when you upgrade , you upgrade back to Espressif official AT ... which baudrate is 115200 and AT commands end with CR LF ...

Because of configuration differences ( baudrate changed , maybe ends also changed )... user may be confused ... :oops:

Always recommended you to use Espressif official AT