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By Shummi
#67196 Hi

I've been using Arduino for a while, without problems. but now i cannot upload new programs, everything seems to be alright, and the IDE show progress bar and ends with DONE as normal, but the ESP still runs the old program.
There's no change as to what speed I use to upload (115200 512000 etc.)
I have tried new ESP12E and old ESP12E (that worked previously). and also just the BLINK sketch, but without luck.
I tried UECIDE to see what it was, and i am not sure if Arduino IDE have worked since, therefor I tried to erase UECIDE, and reinstalled Arduino 1.8.1 and erase and reinstall ESP in board manager in Arduino.
Still it doesn't work. does anyone know how to make a complete erase, so I can "start over", i guess it must be some corrupt setting somewhere that doesn't get overwritten when I reinstall.

Any suggestions are welcome :-)