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By morcillo
#68165 Hello, I'm using the Official SDK (with FreeRTOS) to develop an application. At the moment I'm using the esphttpd to test my needs for a captive portal and everything seems to work great.

My problem is that, after my microcontroller is pwoerd off and on again, it will check if a file exists, if it doesn't then it should run the captive portal and if it does, it should read the stored ssid's value and then its password.

The problem is that the EspFs does not provide me with a way to write this file or even to modify any existing files. How should I procceed? Use SPIFFS at the end of EspFs in order to store the desired values? Write it to a specific address and forget about it? Somehow use EspFs to write this file? I'd rather use EspFs, but I don't know if there is a way or if I'm using an outdated version of the example