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By Jonathan Strauss
#68497 Hi,
i have a problem with my NodeMCU (ESP8266). I have the NODEMCU FIRMWARE PROGRAMMER to load the bin-file from spacehuhn with the Wifi Jammer Code on my Board but there i can't select a COM Port and in Arduino i also can't select a COM Port...?! Can anyone help me? I don't know and in the Device-Manager i can't find Ports(COM & ...).

Yours Jonathan.
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By QuickFix
#68572 spacehuhn never wrote a jammer and he insists people stop calling Deauther a jammer. :idea:

Before you can flash anything to the NodeMCU, you must be sure its USB driver is correctly installed.
  • Take a good quality USB data cable: not too long, not a power-only one (the cable you got with your mobile or tablet should be ok)
  • Connect one end to a USB port of your PC that you know works (test with a USB thumb drive first)
  • Insert the other end to the USB port of the NodeMCU; you should hear a sound of Windows detecting the device.
    If it's the first time: Windows should tell you it's installing a driver for the "CH340 USB to serial controller"
  • When installation of the driver is succesful, it should've gotten a COM-port number, visible in the device manager under "Ports (COM & LPT)"
    ImageThis is the port the flash-uploader needs
If you're not able to get things going upto this point, find someone who is able to work with computers. :idea:
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By Parc
#73884 I had this problem today to so i did a google search and found this site. I ended up fixing this on my own, so i thought maybe someone else need help, so i registered to this site, and now im gonna tell you how i solved it.

1. Press Start -> Type: Device Manager.
If u see a [!] mark next to CP210x USB to UART (COM..)
Even if u don't find that just install the following file.

2. ... cp-drivers
Select first one if u got windows10.

3.Install the file and your done.

Your welcome, for the one googling this and solving the problem.