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By cherowley
#9737 Hi all!

I'm having a problem whereby my esp-01 modules lose connection after a while (10-40mins). No response, ping time out etc..

I'm using a lua firmware...

Access point is a tp-link ac750.
Strangely the esp-01 chips do not show up in the routers dhcp list..

If I hook-up to the chips uart, I can communicate fine with it and I can see the chip is still "running".

If I send the lua commands to disconnect from the ap then reconnect, it starts to talks to the wifi fine again and respond to pings etc...

It's like the wifi side of the chips is going to sleep?

Anyone have any ideas?


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By Leo
#9958 Hi I'm having exactly the same problem. WIfi only stays active for a while then I have to cycle power and I can ping the ESP again. I have no clue what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.